Monday, July 20, 2009

Mirall / Mirror

Des de fa aproximadament un any segueixo el blog del fotògraf Dario Rumbo, m'agrada descobrir cada dia la seva particular visió de les coses i les seves reflexions, que de vegades em costen d'entendre perquè no entenc massa bé l'anglès. Fa uns dies que els nostres camins es van entrecreuar i aquesta ha esdevingut una imatge comú de trobada.

I have been following the blog of photographer Dario Rumbo for about a year now. Every day I find something new to discover in his particular vision of things and his comments, which I sometimes have to work to understand because I do not understand English too well. A few days ago our paths have interweaved and this has become a common image of meeting.

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dazzad said...

Reality is often shared as "common" ground.