Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Jewels from the Fruits collection by Roc Majoral and Abril Ribera

The jewelry brand Majoral formed by jewelers Enric Majoral, Roc Majoral and Abril Ribera presents new collections inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, popular culture and nature. The collections are three: Fruits and Papallones by Roc Majoral and Abril Ribera and Eivissa by Enric Majoral.

La marca de joies Majoral formada pels joiers Enric Majoral, Roc Majoral i Abril Ribera presenta noves col·leccions inspirades en la Mediterrània, la cultura popular i la natura. Les col·leccions són tres: Fruits i Papallones d'en Roc Majoral i l'Abril Ribera i Eivissa de l'Enric Majoral.


Atelier joyas said...

Majoral es de los joyeros que mas me gustan..

Studio Sylvia said...

Very organic.

DANUGS said...

love them!Majoral is one of my favorites!

EL TRÉBOL DE 4 said...

Sóc fan de Majoral!
I´ve alqways love Majoral work!